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Due to Covid-19 outbreak our location at 329 Village Rd Princeton Jct. NJ is temporarily closed.

We continue to provide services remotely.

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The Success Center, by GBCS,LLC, is a premier agency devoted to meeting the needs of individuals facing barriers to success. All services provided are rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and are offered in both individual and group formats depending on the client's unique needs. Home-based, school-based, and center-based supports are available. Our program serves infants through young adults.

The Success Center, by GBCS, LLC, houses four programs:

The Preschool Success Program

- This program offers preschoolers an individualized balance of intensive teaching and supported inclusion into a general education preschool. By boosting social skills, communication skills and learning readiness while decreasing challenging behaviors, this program helps to prepare children for kindergarten. 

The Learning Success Program

- Provides academic, social, and behavioral support for students who are home-schooled or on home instruction as well as those in need of supplementation for their regular school program. Interventions provided include discrete trial instruction, precision teaching, and functional behavior assessment, as well as the application of empirically validated, behavior analytic strategies to general academics.

The College Success Program

- Assists high school students and current college students with diverse learning needs (such as anxiety or executive functioning challenges) in identifying college programs well matched to their unique needs, developing skills needed for success, and successfully completing college with an eye towards preparation for employment. A special track focusing on the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders is also offered

The School Consultation Program

- Consultation is available to both private and public schools in order to implement any of the services described above in a school setting.